COVID 19 Health and Safety Measurements

In Cancun Golf we care about your safety! That's why we implemented the following protocols to protect your health and safety as well as our colaborators, and provide the most professional service, so that you can rest sure that you and your family will be protected.

1. Shuttle disinfection prior to every service.

Prior to every service, we disinfect our transportation shuttles properly, to provide the safest service for our passengers.

2. Temperature check before boarding.

Temperature check

To prevent the spread of infections, we kindly ask you to allow us to check your temperature before boarding.

3. Shoes disinfection before boarding.

We will ask you to allow us to disinfect your shoes soles.

4. Use of face mask required for passengers when boarding and drop off, and alcohol gel offered before boarding and after service.

We will ask you to use a face mask when you board and when you are drop off. If you don't have one with you, we will provide you one. Also, we will offer you disinfection gel for your hands.

5. Use of face mask and face shield mandatory for our drivers.

All of our drivers and staff will always use a face mask and face shield, to protect your safety. We ask you to understand, due to COVID19 regulations, we cannot transport you on the front row seats, next to the driver.

6. Luggage / Clubs Disinfection

We will disinfect your Luggage and / or Golf Clubs before boarding the unit.

We thank you for your understanding and allowing us to fullfill the recommendations made by the WHO regarding the prevention of spread of COVID19. Have a safe travel!